Byggmeister, Team photo,

Byggmeister is a design-build remodeling firm working to preserve existing homes and adapt them to meet the needs of the 21st century. We started out in 1983 with a random group of friends and acquaintances, mostly recent college graduates with some limited carpentry experience, no business experience, and — our most impressive credential — charter subscriptions to Fine Homebuilding.

Our first clients didn’t hire us for our experience but because we were friendly, articulate, thorough and easy to have around. The early years were a constant scramble of making things up as we went along. We made a lot of mistakes. But we always went back to fix them, and we learned from them.

One of the most important lessons we've learned along the way is that producing a project on time, on budget and to a homeowner’s satisfaction is a Sisyphean challenge if we don’t start out with a comprehensive plan. That’s why when clients ask when we can start construction, we say that we’ll start when we’re ready to finish—i.e., when we have pinned down every detail and are confident that we can build the project as designed, specified and budgeted. It’s also why we follow a design-build model, which forces us to be accountable for every phase and aspect of the project from initial schematic design through construction and warranty follow up.  

It’s hard to overstate our commitment to accountability. We aim to do work that we can stand behind forever, work that doesn’t just look good for five or ten years but holds up and performs well for decades to come. This is why we have a robust warranty program. It’s also why we track energy use on all our projects. We are virtually the only remodeling firm we know of who measures the energy performance of the homes we work on and aims to quantify the environmental impact of our work.

Nearly four decades later, we’re much more experienced and sophisticated than we were when we started out. But we’re still as friendly, articulate, thorough and easy to have around. And we’re still as excited to get up every day and help homeowners make their homes more livable, comfortable, durable and efficient.