We want your happiest part of our process to be the decades you live in the house after we’re done—which is why our planning is rigourous and thorough. If you live in your house during construction (as most of our clients do), we want the experience to be as unstressful as we can make it. We can't promise it will be fun to live through, but we can promise... Read More

We design what we build, which means that we’re accountable for each stage for the project, beginning with initial feasibility studies and schematic drawings.

It’s easy to start a project. We could start your project tomorrow, no problem. The... Read More

Your project will have the full attention of a hands-on project manager from start to finish. He or she will become familiar with your project during design and will meet with you weekly while the project is under construction.

We build what we design. The carpenters and the designers work as partners on a team... Read More

Insulation and air sealing aren’t effective if they aren’t installed properly. This is why we test for air leaks using a blower door after we’ve insulated and before we’ve put up the walls.

We want to do work we can stand behind forever. That means it needs to look good when... Read More

Comfort & Health
Too many people are uncomfortable in their homes, shivering all winter long and counting the days until spring. Some are even afraid to air seal and...
Resource efficient homes aren’t just better for the earth. They are also better prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.We are quickly...
Beauty and style should never be an afterthought in a renovation, especially of an older home. Throughout the planning process, we pay very close...
 We measure the service life of our work not in months or years, but decades and centuries. Which is why we make sure that what we build is built to...
The capacity of a home to meet the current and future lifestyle needs of its occupants with ease is a top priority of every home renovation. Many...