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Cramped, uncomfortable, and out of date: when the owners of this home approached us about renovating their kitchen and adjoining sunroom, these were high on their list of complaints. And we could understand why. Their kitchen was walled in on three sides, obstructing views and traffic flow. Their powder room opened directly onto the kitchen. And their adjoining sunroom was uninviting—not just because it was walled off from the kitchen, but also because it was uncomfortably cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer.

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The solution...

We kept the kitchen in the same location but took down the walls between both the dining room and the sunroom to create an open, airy space with spectacular views to conservation land behind the property.

We created a window-lined hallway between the kitchen and the living room, connecting these two previously disconnected spaces. We relocated the powder room to the back hallway, where it would be easily accessible but also more private. We also completely rebuilt the sunroom, thickening the framing to allow for extra insulation and raising the roof to accommodate tall windows. Heating and cooling needs are met by a new ductless heat pump.



The renovation also afforded an opportunity to make other functional and efficiency improvements. We updated finishes in two bathrooms; converted the framing of the main stairway from full to half walls to admit more natural light into the stairwell; insulated the attic; and replaced an aging, inefficient central air conditioning system with minisplit heat pumps, which also provide supplemental heat.



All in all, this was our kind of project: we made the home more attractive, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient—all over the course of a single, well-integrated project.