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Contemporary Meets Cape

By the time we started designing this work the homeowners had been living in their home for three years already, which helped them develop a clear vision for the project. They were committed to some creative and fun ideas... a side window to frame a view of the Boston skyline, and central uplighting along... Read more »

More and Less

Speaking of that oil tank... These clients were eager to go fossil fuel free. A landscape architect and residential designer passionate about sustainability, they were determined to make their home as efficient, comfortable and low-carbon as possible. A large chimney lay at the center of these problems. Converting to heat pumps allowed us to remove... Read more »

Flipping The Floor Plan

A large well lit kitchen with white cabinets Flipping the floor plan Bounded on one side by the main staircase and on the other by an exterior wall, their existing kitchen was laid out as a galley with a peninsula at one end. The footprint was a bit too wide to function well as a galley and a bit too narrow to accommodate... Read more »

A Condo Reconfigured and Fossil Fuel Free

Rethinking the floor plan The kitchen opened directly onto a bedroom, compromising both spaces. Designer Josy Raycroft’s ingenious solution was to swap the location of the bedrooms with the dining and living rooms. She closed off the opening between the kitchen and the dining room, and between the dining room and the living room, turning... Read more »

Virtuous Victorian

The kitchen was separated from the dining room by a pantry and an underutilized full bathroom. Although the pantry had plenty of storage, getting items to and from the kitchen was a schlep. In addition, the bathroom opened directly onto the dining room and the tub was never used. We saw opportunities! Existing Proposed The... Read more »

A Small Addition with a Big Impact

An open but cozy living and dining space served multiple functions. It housed the owners’ extensive library. It was where they hung out, watched TV, and ate their meals. It was also the main thoroughfare. When it was just the two of them, the space could easily accommodate these various uses. But when their kids... Read more »

Creating Purpose and Flow

At this home, prior renovations resulted in a cramped kitchen and oversized three-quarter bath, while leaving the laundry in the basement. The original small dining room had become a small family room, and the dining room had been relocated to a large, open space between the kitchen and the garage. The route to the dining... Read more »

A Tudor Transformed

A peninsula divided the kitchen into spaces: a galley work area on one side and a storage area on the other. Each of these was too small to be fully functional, and an underutilized hallway closet protruded into the storage area further compromising its utility. A laundry closet at the back of the kitchen impeded... Read more »

Gaining Living Space While Saving Energy

Our solution... While we always strive to meet our clients functional needs by reconfiguring existing spaces, in this case we saw no alternative but to add on. Dividing up the living room wasn't an option, both for structural reasons and because the owners wished to preserve its openness. And there was no way to fit... Read more »

Family, Form, Function

While such problems are common in older homes, it was somewhat surprising in this case, as the house had been gut renovated by the developer our clients bought the house from. While many critical upgrades had been accomplished during this renovation, including new HVAC systems, roofing and siding (and our clients had also insulated the... Read more »