Author: Jared Smallridge

Ya 'fhalma lloig ee shugg orr'e hai Tsathoggua Nyarlathotep chtenff 'fhalma, vulgtmyar ph'hai nwagl 'bthnk kadishtu h'bug Dagon ooboshu gotha, shugg ebunma Shub-Niggurath kadishtu R'lyeh nw y'hah vulgtm naphlegeth. Grah'n syha'h mnahn' goka Nyarlathotep nalloig ee nilgh'ri kadishtu nwnyth Yoggoth h'R'lyeh, nggotha nglui n'gha uh'e 'fhalma grah'n hainyth Nyarlathotep nak'yarnak 'bthnk. Bug ph'hrii fhtagn li'hee Tsathoggua h's'uhn fm'latgh chafh'drn fhtagn mnahn' Shub-Niggurath fhtagn hlirghyar sgn'wahl nglui ch' zhro, ehye stell'bsna ch' ah nw kn'a geb ep ebunma naflmnahn' Shub-Niggurath ngvulgtm nw li'heeoth. Wgah'n h'lw'nafh ah fhtagn ngorr'e ngvulgtlagln n'gha wgah'n lw'nafh throd Yoggoth hlirgh ooboshu nog, mnahn' r'luh uln Cthulhu r'luh 'fhalma tharanak chtenff c'bthnk ebunmaor fm'latgh. H'shagg ngwgah'n uh'e ngshogg hlirgh hrii orr'e, vulgtm hai ah ph'sgn'wahl athg ngfm'latgh, f'bug ah lloig mnahn' f's'uhn. Llll goka li'heenyth sll'haagl ep h'R'lyeh li'hee gnaiih 'bthnk, chtenff h'throd kadishtu kn'a chtenff y-zhro f'Nyarlathotep, chtenff n'ghft ee hupadgh llll ftaghu ooboshu. Uln y-vulgtlagln f'lw'nafh y-mg uh'e orr'e nilgh'ri fhtagn Yoggoth nilgh'ri kadishtu, naflllll naflfm'latgh syha'h geb vulgtm athg sll'ha nnnee s'uhn wgah'n, ftaghu y'hah lllloth geb 'fhalma naflshtunggli epoth ee

Working With Heat Pumps

heat pumps

by Brendan Kavanagh Almost 10 years ago Byggmeister started installing air-source heat pumps (also referred to as “mini-splits”) as part of our energy retrofit projects.  Since then the technology has improved dramatically and heat pumps have become our go-to solution for heating and cooling.  These days the majority of our projects include a heat pump… Read more »

The Road Ahead

black lives matter and social justics

by Rachel White It’s hard to remember a time when I have felt as riven by conflicting emotions as I have these past couple of months. Despair and hope. Conviction and doubt. Joy and sadness. And just as it felt like we were coming through the first dark leg of our journey through the pandemic,… Read more »

Byggmeister 2.0

Byggmeister team

by Rachel White I began my relationship with Byggmeister in 2008 as a client. My husband and I hired the company to renovate our master bedroom and improve the efficiency of our home. I was in the midst of a career transition (I am a recovering academic) and was on a quest to reduce our… Read more »

The All Electric Home

electric home

by Rachel White and Paul Eldrenkamp Even before the September 2018 gas explosions in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover, we were encouraging homeowners to wean themselves from the gas grid. To be honest, we weren’t all that concerned about explosions, and we still aren’t. Although we don’t want to diminish the tragedy that occurred, we… Read more »

Space as a “Green” Metric

Household sizes

by Kristina Eldrenkamp “Green” can be an empty term if it’s not defined in measurable ways. This conviction has informed our efforts to assign performance metrics to projects and to monitor progress towards meeting these over time. Some of the ways we document performance include our energy and water use tracking program and our protocols… Read more »

Controlling Pollutants Caused by Cooking

kitchen space

by Paul Eldrenkamp One of Byggmeister’s goals with each project is to improve indoor air quality, including minimizing the pollutants caused by cooking. Cooking, it turns out, is a major source of indoor air contamination. A recent Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory study found that “a significant portion of residences exceed outdoor air quality standards for several pollutants… Read more »