The dilapidated horse barn that occupied this site proved impossible to renovate. So, for this project, Byggmeister started completely from scratch—rare
for us.

The post and beam timber frame was designed not only for the beauty of its Douglas fir members but also for the energy efficiency of its panelized construction. Working within classic New England barn tradition, we built it on a sturdy stone foundation and provided access at two levels—equipment below, people above.

With family recreation in the form of outdoor BBQ and home theater added to the original barn program of garage and storage, the result is a get-away spot that is less than 100' from the homeowners' kitchen door.


An Acton Barn Revived

  • Acton barn front
  • Acton barn side view
  • Acton barn interior
  • Acton barn interior 2
  • Acton barn beam
  • Acton barn stair

Project Location

Acton, MA