Trade Up at the Brookline Teen Center

Trade Up at the Brookline Teen Center

During Brookline High School’s 2017 April vacation, Byggmeister helped plan and run a workshop for students interested in carpentry, electrical, and plumbing trades. The teen training initiative revolved around the construction of a small demo house at the Brookline Teen Center.

Josh teaches the students about windows and doors.

The four-day workshop, called Trade Up, was divided into demonstrations, tool training, walking tours, and construction site visits. On the walking tours, lead instructor Mark Three Stars of Verde Design asked students to identify the elements they were learning about in the classroom: What kind of roof is that? What type of siding is that? Where does the house’s electricity come in?

Paul points out all the dormer roof forms on a house near the Brookline Teen Center.

The program uniquely intertwined sustainability and trade knowledge. Students learned about areas prone to heat loss, different types of insulation, and how to avoid getting water in their assemblies, while simultaneously refining their hammer, drill, and saw skills.

Students install a window in their three-sided demo house with help from Josh.

Weekend sessions will continue for the rest of the semester, culminating in summer internships and shadow days with local construction and design-build companies for interested and dedicated students.