Building Energy Bottom Lines Summit 2016

Building Energy Bottom Lines Summit 2016


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Five Byggmeister employees attended NESEA's 2nd annual Building Energy Bottom Lines (BEBL) Summit at Smith College.

At the core of BEBL are peer-review networks, each comprised of 10-12 member businesses that meet regularly at each others' places of business and communicate online year-round to help each other advance triple bottom line business practices. The summit is a chance for members of all the BEBL networks, as well as other interested high performance building professionals, to gather together to address common challengs and concerns. 

BEBL Summit 2016 Panel on Compensation Philosophies

This year's summit focused on the "people" aspect of triple bottom line practices. Highlights included a brain-storming discussion about ways to engage the next generation in high performance building, a panel discussion on gender diversity in the building trades, and a panel discussion, which Paul organized and participated in, on triple bottom line compensation philosophies.