Long-time Clients Get the Kitchen They Really Wanted

Over the course of a quarter century we had completed several projects at this Lexington home. So when the homeowners asked us to renovate their kitchen, we were delighted for the opportunity to work with them again, although we were initially slightly chagrined by the project itself, as this was the second kitchen renovation project we would be doing for them.

We had renovated their kitchen over twenty years ago and were disappointed to learn that it was no longer meeting their needs (we'd like the kitchens we build to last forty years). However, we were also grateful for a second chance to get it right and were determined to rise to the challenge.

Standing the Test of Time

Byggmeister's Solution

In this case, rising to the challenge involved a slight addition of 80 square feet to what had been a 120 square foot kitchen. Although we strive to avoid additions, we will incorporate one when it isn't otherwise possible to meet our client's functional needs. The kitchen in this house was simply too small, and there was no way to borrow space from another room because of a chimney that rises through the center of the building on one side, basement stairs on another, and two steps down into the family room on another. So we built a slight bump out on the fourth side, which was just enough to transform what had been a cramped space with limited work surfaces into one that feels expansive and is highly functional.

Another key decision we made was to relocate the powder room from an alcove adjacent to the kitchen to an unused closet down the hall from the front door. This allowed us to outfit a pantry adjacent to the kitchen with custom built-ins to match the kitchen cabinetry, providing ample, easily accessible storage.

Windows over the sink admit natural light during the morning hours. Additional lighting needs are met by recessed LED and undercabinet fixtures, as well as dramatic pendant lights over the island and the kitchen sink. The painted white cabinetry brightens the space, contributing to an airy, open feel. The island counter is a rich red marble, offering a striking contrast to the creamy white porcelain perimeter counters and the light yellow and white tile backsplash.

During the course of the project we also had an opportunity to improve the home's energy performance by air sealing and insulating the attic, and to repair some wall rot caused by a poor flashing detail we installed over a decade ago. Like all contractors, we make mistakes. Unlike many contractors though, we hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes and are determined to correct and learn from them. This is a major reason why we visit all of our projects periodically after completion. But sometimes, as was the case at this house, it takes a long time for a problem to show up. So if you have any questions about how things are holding up on a project we did at your house, please get in touch. We'll definitely come take a look.

Project Location

Lexington, MA