A master suite makeover with an emphasis on resource conservation.

When the owners of this Newton home told us they wanted to renovate their master suite and conserve as many resources as possible, we were eager to take on the project. It's rewarding to work with clients who understand sustainability doesn't have to compromise esthetics—in fact, can enhance esthetics. 

Renovated, Recycled, And Reused

Byggmeister's Solution

Walls were thickened so insulation could be upgraded throughout, yielding invitingly deep windowsills. The floors are reclaimed lumber. The built-ins add storage and are fabricated from sustainable harvested wood; the knobs are made from recycled glass. The master bathroom was completely renovated to create an open luxurious space, using recycled materials for the tiles and countertops. Lighting needs are met by CFLs and LEDs throughout. Even the toilet is resource-efficient, with its dual flush option. Environmental stewardship and household comfort can indeed go hand-in-hand.

Project Location

Newton, MA