A multi-priority home renovation.

This family, like most, had multiple priorities for their project. Their kitchen was worn out and not well suited to the needs of the husband, wife, and two elementary-age sons. The basement was an ongoing source of moisture into the house, and an unpleasant place for work or storage. The house in general was inefficient and uncomfortable. The husband, a senior analyst for a prominent environmental organization, was keenly interested in dramatic reductions in household energy consumption.

Reading Renovation

Byggmeister's Solution

Over the course of the project, we met all the goals. We installed a pair of triple-glazed patio doors and removed a wall to combine the too-small kitchen and the too-small dining room into a light, airy space with unimpeded flow from the front door. Additionally, we provided a super-insulated basement that improves comfort, increases energy-efficiency, and manages moisture; strategic air-sealing throughout the house to reduce drafts; and an eMonitor system to track electrical usage and hunt down and fix phantom electrical demands.

Project Location

Reading, MA