An Enjoyable Kitchen Renovation

An Enjoyable Kitchen Renovation

How many times have you heard a homeowner say she enjoyed having her house under construction? Believe it or not, some of our clients—including this Brookline resident—like having us around so much that they actually miss us when we're done.

"I don't know the first thing about construction. So when we decided to renovate the kitchen, the most important thing to me was finding someone we could really trust.

"We interviewed nine contractors before we decided Paul was the one we wanted. His references were outstanding, and no one seemed as proud of their houses as Paul's clients. We put a lot of faith in that alone.

"He put in lots of time with us — over five or six meetings — before we had a deal. His estimate was way over our budget, but we knew we wanted to work with him, so we asked him to suggest some changes that would bring down the expense. He was very thoughtful, thorough, very understanding of our needs. He knew where to compromise, and where not to.

"The renovation was a huge project, and included moving an exterior wall. We had to go outside to get to the basement where the temporary kitchen was. But because of them it wasn't that bad.

"My husband tried to ignore it as best as he could, but I actually enjoyed parts of it. I felt so confident in their work, and they were so nice to have around, so considerate. They helped me with my groceries when I was pregnant. They are just like regular people — which a lot of people aren't when you work with them.

"They kept us constantly informed about where things stood. They would update us formally in a weekly meeting and I would talk with the lead carpenter every morning, and again when I got home from work. And she would call me if questions came up.

"I loved working with her: it was so much fun to have a woman carpenter on the job. And if I changed my mind about something, whoever I told, everyone heard it. I never had to worry about someone saying, 'Well no one told me that.'

"You pay a premium for Byggmeister, but what you buy is peace of mind. You know they'll do the best that can be done. Paul and his staff became almost like family. When they were gone, I missed them. How many people can say that about a construction crew?"


Brookline, MA