Our Commitment to You

The wide variety of older homes that grace metropolitan Boston represent a priceless heritage passed down to us by generations of talented craftspeople and proud homeowners. Our role and responsibility is to carry this legacy forward by adapting the homes we work on to meet 21st century environmental, energy, and social needs—thereby enabling these homes to provide another century or more of service to our community.

When you choose us to work on your home, you're entering into an enduring partnership with a remodeling firm that is striving to be an exemplary steward of Boston area homes. Of course, we want your home to look and feel great when the punch list is complete. But we feel even more strongly about how well your home holds up, how efficiently it operates, and how livable it remains over time—years, even decades, after we pound in the last nail or apply the final coat of paint.

Because we are committed to our work over the long-term we work a bit differently from many contractors:

We plan ahead.  

New clients often want to know when we can start their project. Invariably we say that we’ll start when we’re ready to finish. In practical terms this means that we define and plan each project carefully and thoroughly before we start. This not only avoids costly change orders. It also ensures a smoother process and a better outcome.

We give as good as we get.

For us, commitments are a two-way street. We are able to do our very best work for clients who give us a strong commitment from the very start. This is why why we follow a design-build model, taking responsibility for every project from its initial conception all the way through to warranty visits.

We do more than pound nails.

We are craftspeople, first and foremost. But we also provide comprehensive planning and design services on virtually all of our projects. And once the project is complete we’ll track performance for several years by gathering energy and water usage data and by checking in with you at regular intervals.

We keep in touch.

Once your project enters construction we will schedule weekly meetings with you to review progress, make decisions and go over any questions. Members of the design team will join these meetings as needed.

We follow up.

We're keenly aware that the project we do for you may represent one of the biggest investments of your life, and that you expect and deserve lasting value for that investment. At the end of the project we'll give you an "owner's manual" detailing how to maintain and care for the systems and products we installed and what to do if something goes wrong. We’ll also return at pre-set intervals to check on our work and to correct any problems we discover.