Paul Eldrenkamp Paul Eldrenkamp - Owner

After a wide range of carpentry jobs and a bachelor's degree in History and Literature of Medieval Europe, Paul Eldrenkamp founded Byggmeister (Scandinavian for "master builder") in 1983. "I've always put a high priority on two things: fostering easy, friendly relations with our clients and building a team of people who are as interesting and diverse as they are talented and dedicated."

Paul is a widely-recognized expert in high-performance homes and frequently speaks to industry groups and the public about energy efficient construction. He is also a founding partner of The DEAP Energy Group, a consulting partnership focusing on Passive House, zero-net energy, other high-efficiency building standards.

Rachel White Rachel White - Performance Manager

Rachel joined the company in 2009 after working with Byggmeister on her own master suite renovation. Rachel started as a consultant helping the company to develop standards and goals for energy, water and indoor air quality and to track these over time. She describes her current role "as equal parts research, organizational development, and quality control. Byggmeister is deeply committed to environmental stewardship. It's my job to make sure that we have the knowledge and the know-how to act on our commitment, that we have metrics in place against which to track our progress, and that we are in fact making progress."

Jason Taylor Energy Specialist Jason Taylor - Energy Specialist

An ardent carbon dioxide cutter, Jason has been doing home energy assessments and air sealing for Byggmesiter since 2009. He says he wanted to work with Byggmeister because our "company spirit is to always do the right thing. Not to mention that the crew is so smart, funny, passionate and talented."

Before joining Byggmeister Jason ran a successful painting business, but his concern about climate change led him to learn the weatherization trade. Jason claims that "nothing makes me happier than to crawl around in the recesses, nooks and crannies of someone's home, and repair the holes responsible for that home’s heat loss." Which sounds far-fetched until you've been on a job with him; then you know he means it.

Cador Pricejones Cador Pricejones - Production Manager

Cador believes his multiple roles at Byggmeister support one another. "I enjoy knowing what's going on at the organizational level, and working alongside the other carpenters, actually building the project, allows me to be a better manager," he says. He also feels that one of the things Byggmeister does best is create a sense of teamwork. "Not just among the crew," he says, "but for everyone involved: the architect and homeowner and the builders. The trust between Byggmeister and our clients is very high because they know we are all on the same side, we all want the same thing: the best possible outcome for their home."

Josh Menard Lead Carpenter Joshua Menard - Carpenter

"Working as a general carpenter for a small renovation and remodeling firm for over seven years, I have grown to appreciate the attention to detail in fine residential construction. In my search to find a company that shared the same appreciation, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only do Byggmeister employees share the same regard for detail, but their customers do too. At Byggmeister, I get to work on challenging projects that hone existing skills and allow me to develop new skills."

Corky Kaempf lead carpenter Corky Kaempf - Lead Carpenter

With Byggmeister since 1998, Corky says the best part of the job for him is getting to know the clients. "Our clients are generally pretty interesting people, and they seem to respect the fact that we're generally pretty interesting people, too," he says. "I'm also very conscious of the fact that they are trusting us with their homes, and they are spending a lot of money and deserve an excellent result."

Matt Jancek Carpenter Matt Jancek - Lead Carpenter and Warranty Manager

Matt has worked in the construction industry for more than 10 years, and has been a carpenter with Byggmeister since 2010. "Byggmeister stands behind every project we do, and that really appeals to me. My role as warranty manager allows me to investigate and solve any problems that might arise, and share my findings with the rest of the company. I get to close that feedback loop so everyone can apply those lessons to future projects." Matt has also recently become a Certified Remodeling Project Manager through the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Jeff Johnson Jeff Johnson - Lead Carpenter

An experienced carpenter and metalworker, Jeff's professional background is in custom construction for the entertainment industry. After years building shows for Broadway, Jeff was looking for a way to expand his skills, and participate in projects more personal and permanent. "Byggmeister appealed to me because of the strong sense of community. Everyone here is an honest part of a team committed to quality."

Catherine Autio Catherine Autio - Master Carpenter

A carpenter since 1989, Catherine worked as a subcontractor for Byggmeister for about five years before joining the company in 2002. "I really like my work and I really like this company," she says. "Paul is very creative, and he maximizes our attributes and works with our flaws." A former cook and caretaker of thoroughbred horses, Catherine says she gets great satisfaction from seeing what she has helped to build.

Mike Duclos Energy Consultant Mike Duclos - Energy Consultant

Mike joined the Byggmeister consulting team in 2007. His background is in designing integrated circuits for data and telecommunications industries. Influenced by both the Peak Oil and Greenhouse Gas issues, Mike made a career change to the area of residential energy efficiency when he founded Energy Efficiency Associates. He is now focused on improving energy efficiency of new and existing buildings by the application of building science principles and the use of computer modeling techniques. "I'm excited by the opportunity to work with the Byggmeister team. Their dedication to outstanding quality, attention to detail and use of best practices makes working with them a pleasure."

Maria Washington Maria Washington - Business Manager

Maria has been with Byggmeister since 1995, and has seen the company change in size but not in work ethic. "Excellence is Byggmeister's philosophy. Everyone here brings something unique and different to their work, but they all believe in doing their best work every time on every job," she says. She thinks the company's dedication to quality makes a visible difference. "They make excellence a priority so that when the job is done you can see the difference."

Anita Rogers architect Anita Rogers - Architect

Working for Byggmeister gives Anita a fringe benefit not often found in the remodeling business: peace of mind. "Homeowners appreciate when things look nice, but it's important that the 'bones' of a project are right, that it is sensible to the very bottom," she says. "Byggmeister is so thoroughly committed to quality that I never have to fret over whether or not they will do things properly." Having worked with many different builders during her career, Anita says she appreciates Byggmeister's equal attention to both aesthetic and structural quality. Anita joined Byggmeister's team in 2003.

Francis Prunier Francis Prunier - Carpenter

Francis worked in construction for four years before joining Byggmeister in 2012. Francis appreciates the team environment and feels that the emphasis on community sets the company apart. Francis was initially attracted to Byggmeister in large part because of the warranty program and focus on energy efficiency. He says, "I've never encountered another company that cares as much about energy performance, or does as much to ensure that their work holds up over time."

Karin Mahdavi Karin Mahdavi - Products & Finishes Coordinator

Karin got to know Byggmeister from the outside in: she was a client before she joined the company. "I was really impressed not just with their work, but with how respectfully they treat the client's space, and how approachable everyone in the company is," she says. "They keep their promises and always follow through." During her own project both Karin and Byggmeister realized she has a knack for product selection, marrying form, function and logistics. "I really love being part of Byggmeister and getting involved in exciting projects," she says. Karin joined Byggmeister in 2003.

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